The Skilled Foreign Nationals in South Africa (SFONSA) is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO) under the ACT 71 of 1997 of the Republic of South Africa.

Mission Statement:

“To build synergies and strategies with relevant public and private organizations for skills development in the Republic of South Africa”

Vision Statement:

"To become a relevant stakeholder in complementing the efforts of the South African Government in strengthening local skills development."
SFONSA aims to bring together Foreign Nationals working and residing in South Africa to provide a platform for professional interaction and networking which could lead to skills improvement and personal development.

SFONSA intends to showcase talent of Foreign Nationals in South Africa and to devise means of how these professionals could add value to the economy of the Republic of South Africa through different initiatives and programs.

To achieve its purpose, SFONSA aims to work with different Stake holders which include Governments, Companies, established bodies and organisations both National and International as well as Well Wishers.

We believe SFONSA has a responsibility to add value to the social and economic development of the Republic of South Africa.

Thematic Areas of Operations

  • Trade & Investment Promotion.
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • National Skills Enhancement
  • Education,Research & Development
  • Conflict Resolutions & Crises Management

Our Objectives

Objective 1

  • Promote and support initiatives aimed at strengthening local skills enhancement, as a crucial pillar of the New Growth Path target of ‘five million new jobs’ for South Africans by 2030.

Objective 2

  • Identify the South African national skills gaps, and provide intervention by voluntarily supporting skills enhancement in the needed areas/sectors (e.g. supporting mathematics and IT education in South Africa’s academic sector).

Objective 3

  • Empower youths and women from local communities in South Africa, through entrepreneurship training and business skills initiatives.

Objective 4

  • Develop an information hub and database for skilled foreign nationals in South Africa; this would assist relevant stakeholders and government Departments (e.g. Department of Home Affairs, Development of Labour, Department of Trade and Industry, etc.) to access relevant information as they would require.

Objective 5

  • Collaborate with foreign Embassies and High commission offices based in South Africa, with a view to harnessing the skills of their citizens in order to promote investment opportunities among stakeholder countries.

Objective 6

  • To promote Research & Development.