Manufacturing & Training
With the expertise of some of our members, this project envisages starting offering services and training in the manufacturing of the following;
  • Ferro-cement boat technology and small scale industries: these can be used as fishing boat & transport boat;
  • Small scale industry sugar processing equipment: crystalline sugar production unit comprising: + sugarcane crusher with motor, centrifuge with motor, bank of crystallizer with power unit and motor, Evaporator furnace with a set of 3 pans constructed on site. These will be both electrically operated and diesel operated.
  • Manufacturing of feeds equipment Chicken: feed equipment; Chicken feed mill 1. 55 t/ hr: 25 - 30 HP, chicken feed mixer 600 kg / batch 7.5 HP, chicken feed mixer 1200 kg/batch 10 HP Maize/ Rice equipment: Small size Maize mill 0.25 t/hr: 15 - 20 HP, medium size Maize mill 0.5 t/hr: 25 - 30 HP. large size Maize mill 1 t/hr 35 - 50 HP
  • Cement processing equipment (Cement grinding): Clinker feeder, gypsum feeder, Cement mill, Portland cement, electro filter rapid hardening cement.
  • Liquid soap and mechanic soap.

South Africa is a Rainbow Nation hosting people from a wide range of countries from the African continent and from the rest of the world. These people come with numerous skills which when coordinated can results into considerable benefits.

This project crafted by Skilled Foreign nationals in South Africa (SFONSA) is tagged “Extended Partnerships” as an emphasis on the need of formation of partnerships between Foreign nationals and South Africans that will result in skill development, improved entrepreneurship which will lead to job creation and economic development. The project name is derived from an analogy of South Africa being One Big Family with South Africans being the immediate family members and the foreign nationals the Extended family members hence partnerships between the two groups are “Extended Partnerships”.

The project seeks to cultivate a spirit of working together and formation of partnerships between foreign nationals and South Africans in all fields ranging from business, education, entrepreneurship, etc.

SFONSA is commitment to play our part in the achievement of the NDP 2030 hence this noble project.

On 21st March 2018, 44 African leaders out of the 55 African Union member states signed an agreement to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This agreement initially requires members to remove tariffs from 90% of goods with the other 10% on "sensitive items" to be phased in later thereby allowing free access of commodities, goods, and services across the continent. The AfCFTA will raise Intra-African trade which is currently lowest at 14% in comparison with the shares of intra-regional trade in North America, European Union and Asia which stand at 49%, 61% and 62% respectively.

This project is tagged ”One Market AFRICA Forum” which seeks to create a platform for promoting public awareness and debate throught the continent aimed at amplifying the efforts for a singular African market by engaging the Governments, captains of businesses, enterprenuers, civil society and other key players throught the continent. The project will also highlighting the abundant trade & investment opportunities across Africa and major intiatives aimed at promoting and streamlining Intra-African Trade among others.

The project is tagged: ‘Beyond Xenophobia’ Campaign as an emphasis of the need to look beyond the problem, assess what the root causes of the xenophobic tendencies are and focus on the generation and implementation of sustainable solutions. The emphasis of this campaign is on solution implementation and greater understanding of Foreign Nationals in South Africa specifically of African descent. The projects involves generation of Information tools, Educational tools, Campaign and awareness tools that will highlight the roles of Skilled Foreign Nationals in Nation building.

This project is tagged: “Finance Matters for Migrants” and is Powered by the Skilled Foreign Nationals in South Africa (SFONSA) in partnership with various stake holders. The idea is for financial institutions to explain various financial aspects in South Africa to the Migrants who many are not aware of some of the services offered. The seminar will also give attendees an opportunity to engage the bank on various aspects. The project Explorers:
  • Principles of Saving and Investment
  • Investing for your Children's Education
  • How to finance your Business ideas
  • Cash flow generation techniques
  • Techniques to multiple streams of income.
  • Real Estate and Mortgage finance
  • Insurance policy and how it works
  • Tax and taxation in South Africa
  • Loans and loan administration.
  • Doing Business in South Africa, what you need to know.. etc.
The project involves seminars held across South Africa.